Lost Einsteins Among Us: From Classroom to Career


In 2018, Raj Chetty estimated we could quadruple the rate of innovation in the U.S. economy if we invested more equitably in the education of our “Lost Einsteins” – the millions of potential inventors (women, people of color, and individuals from low-income families) left behind in the economy. This lost potential perpetuates inequities, stifling innovation and economic growth. This panel will explore how Invention Education is narrowing these gaps and connecting students to thriving careers.

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  1. Best practices for engaging K-12 students from diverse backgrounds in invention education.
  2. Examples of patent education resources specially designed for inventors of diverse backgrounds.
  3. Understanding Invention Education as part of an overall strategy to inclusive innovation and increasing inventor diversity.



Susan Pierson-Brown, Principal, Seven November, Inc.

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