SXSW 2023

Economic Transformation and Patient Engagement


The patient experience encompasses a full spectrum of a patient’s interaction with a health system that begins long before the patient steps foot into a care facility and extends beyond discharge. Delivering safe and effective care is a top priority for providers, but many healthcare organizations have overlooked other elements of care that create and enhance patient engagement. A critical aspect of the patient experience not to be missed is the overwhelming shift to consumerism. Digital technology is the foundation for convenient consumer interactions, which have rapidly increased in every industry except healthcare. Streamlining the consumer experience to meet patients’ expectations must be reimagined and at the forefront of the health system’s revenue cycle program. 

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  1. Discuss the importance of respectful conversations around creative, flexible patient payment options.
  2. Learn how a “retail-like” service mentality coupled with supportive technology can lead to consumer-oriented revenue cycle management.
  3. Examine how to elevate patient access teams to represent a patient-centered program designed to promote empathy, and reduce burnout from experts’ POV.



Amber Doster, Senior Account Manager, FINNPartners

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