Inspiring Students Globally with World Expos


World Expos are the largest gatherings on earth, inspiring millions of in-person visitors with a look into the future. Most students have no way to go themselves to see the Expos but they can (and are) being brought into classrooms around the global via digital media that is inspiring millions of young people. This session will use the most recent expo - Expo Dubai - as a showcase for how careful planning by the Expo organizers can provide digital tools for learners of all ages from everywhere.

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  1. Inform session participants about Expos and what education opportunities they provide.
  2. Provide examples easily replicated where digital tools are used to bring excitement of the Expo into classrooms and into the hearts of young learners
  3. Provide information on where/how anyone and everyone can bring Expo excitement into their classrooms and all other learning opportunities



Wendy Meadley, Founder/ CEO, Next Phase Studio

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