SXSW 2023

Virtual Humans. What's Next? With NARS Cosmetics


Fashion and beauty brands are pioneering exploration of NFTs, Web3 and the Metaverse. Advances in mixed reality technologies and virtual humans present unparalleled opportunities for telling brand stories, reaching new audiences and building powerful connections with users.

When considering these brand experiences, demand for users to be realistically represented in the digital world is high, and there's a huge chance to embrace authenticity and diversity.

We take a look at developments in the virtual human and avatar landscape through the lens of NARS Cosmetics, who recently created three virtual humans, or ‘Power Players’, designed to embody the brand DNA and accelerate a key global launch.

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  1. Fashion & beauty brands are quick to embrace technological innovations. Here are some learnings from their experimentation in NFTs, Web3, metaverse
  2. Authentic virtual humans can be effective in creating a connection with new audiences in the metaverse. Here’s how.
  3. How volumetric video and avatars will influence content creation, looking at using NeRFS (Neural Radiance Fields) and holoportation


  • Dina Fierro, Vice President, Global Digital Innovation and Strategy, NARS Cosmetics
  • Lauren Dyer, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Dimension Studio


Naomi Roberts, Head Of Marketing, Dimension Studio

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