Empowering Teachers: A Teen Mental Health Toolkit


Hands-on training and a complete resource toolkit for teachers in step-by-step mental health strategies, practical social-emotional skills and real-life coping mechanisms. Providing teachers with enhanced skills and actionable steps to raise students’ emotional intelligence, empathy and self-esteem. Empowering teachers to encourage students to engage meaningfully in self-reflection and self-awareness – to better understand their thoughts, emotions, behaviours, actions and create lasting change.

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  1. Understand negative thoughts and how these loops impact upon and affect every aspect of teenage lives. Learn the 4-Step process to negate these.
  2. ‘Success v Failure’ exercise. Re-define our understanding. Why do teens assume they are going to fail? How can they set themselves up for success?
  3. Experience a comprehensive resource of concise step-by-step guidance for teens to develop skills and the self-awareness needed to make sound decisions


  • Romi Grossberg, Author and Social-Emotional Educator, Romi Grossberg


Romi Grossberg, Author And Social-Emotional Educator, Romi Grossberg

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