SXSW 2022

Your Privacy, Delivered: Innovating Data Rights


You probably don’t even realize that your online data is being constantly collected, bought, and sold without your knowledge or consent. And, that this enables big tech and powerful interests to shape the information you see, the prices you pay, and even the opportunities you receive. A wave of new privacy laws has been passed to try to rein in online privacy abuses. What can we learn from these laws and how can we empower consumers to take back control of their data? New ideas like the Global Privacy Control might offer workable solutions. This panel seeks to bring together a diverse group of consumer privacy advocates and industry leaders to explore how innovation can help consumers exercise their privacy rights online.

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  1. Though consumers have a fundamental right to privacy, there is no comprehensive federal law granting consumers privacy & security protections.
  2. Existing privacy laws put too much of the burden on consumers to protect their own privacy. It’s impractical and ineffective.
  3. Technologists must build innovative services that help consumers regain control of their personal information by making data rights actionable.



Aaron Alberico, Co-Founder, Raynor Ave.

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  • Event: SXSW
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