SXSW 2022

A Roadmap To Making Venues Sexual Harassment Free


The panel will discuss the importance of the groundbreaking new 'Safe & Sound Roadmap' which aims to improve the state of sexual harassment at live concerts. The Safe & Sound Roadmap will offer a free and informative roadmap for venues to follow to make their spaces safer for fans, staff, and venue owners as well as an addendum for artists to include in their riders. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to reduce the number of sexual harassment and sexual assault incidents at live events and to offer an accessible resource for venues and artists to align themselves with a safe and inclusive music community. In addition to providing safety for venues and artists, Safe & Sound Roadmap will provide a level of protection for both respective parties.

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  1. Understanding the importance in creating an industry wide standard to make the live music industry safer
  2. The audience will walk away with a better understanding of the work currently being done by several organizations in this space
  3. Attendees will learn what they can do to make venues and concerts safer and what resources and training are currently available to them



Grace Jones, Publicist, Grandstand

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  • Event: SXSW
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