Envisioning the Future of Adult Literacy


More people are affected by low literacy in the United States than are diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. More than half of American adults read below a 6th-grade level, costing us $2.2T in GDP annually. Emerging mixed reality technology like the Microsoft Hololens 2 enables literacy analysis through eye tracking in a new and exciting way. Join us to learn how the technology is being employed for literacy, both in children and adults.

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  1. Low literacy impacts every aspect of life & every person as a result. Learn about literacy levels in the U.S. today & the challenges of low literacy.
  2. Learn how emerging technologies, like eye tracking in the Microsoft Hololens 2, might be employed to better analyze and improve literacy.
  3. What is the data telling us? Learn how effective eye tracking could be a game changer in providing the outcomes needed to move the needle on literacy



Shelley Peterson, Technology Advisory Council, Barbara Bush Foundation

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  • Event: EDU
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  • Track: Community Initiatives
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