SXSW 2022

Where Food Is Going


It's the era of shared despair. With so many issues to care about, the impact of our food choices is front and center. While the big alt-meat 3 (Beyond, Impossible, Lightlife) fight about semantics and our billionaires blast off in search of a new planet, underdog Future Farm is coming from behind to accelerate the animal protein extinction so we can stay on Earth. With a food-tech solution to resolve the madness and anxiety, Brazilian brand Future Farm is showing us what the responsible pursuit of flavor looks like. It's laboratory science meets hedonism and living plants, with an eye to our intersectional future – a product line that goes beyond Anglo-American burgers and sausages with an inclusive favorite for every heritage, every family, every taste.

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  1. Learn how innovation in food technology is changing how we view and consume meat
  2. How to sustainability create plant-based meat alternatives that are better for the environment
  3. Learn about food technology that isn’t creating more problems and harming the environment, but instead finding solutions



Mikaela Liboro, Director Of Pr/Communications, TBWA/Chiat/Day LA

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