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SXSW 2022

How Gen-X Women Will Save the World

Gen-X women (40-55) grew up in the mixtape era, so we're pros at balancing the tracks of our busy lives: family, work, community, passions. We’ve collaborated & made change for decades: First with DIY/Zine skills, now with books, podcasts, websites, social platforms, storytelling & community events. The latchkey kids are skilled at building the connections the world so desperately needs right now, because we have always needed to be there for one another. We’re not the “look at me” or the “the world is ours” generation. We’re the “someone abandoned the kids & all we have is each other now” generation. The proverbial middle child, GenX plays a key role in facilitating intergenerational healing, justice, & creativity. We know how to reach each other, teach each other, and thrive in midlife.

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  1. Gen-X women are kicking midlife’s ass. Learn how you can do the same — no matter your generation.
  2. For marketers, learn the best ways to reach GenX women who share & connect in both the analog & digital space & who are at their prime purchasing peak
  3. Gen-X's often cast as cis white but it's a diverse group that knows the importance of elevating marginalized voices, e.g. e.g. BIPOC, QPOC, LGBTQ+



Wendi Aarons, Writer, N/A

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