The Future of Personalized Learning


There was a time when “personalized learning” was often dismissed as a buzzword, or a passing fad in in the ever-changing intersection of EdTech and instruction. But as learning technologies evolve to deliver more precise individualization than ever before and grow to capture valuable student data at an unprecedented scale, it’s clear that personalized learning is the key to student-centered instruction – and with the right technology, it may be attainable even at its loftiest interpretations.

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  1. Participants will explore the relationship between student data and personalized learning, and how the contents and scale of student data evolve.
  2. Participants will consider what constitutes student-centered instruction, and what student data insights teachers need to personalize learning.
  3. Participants will explore implications of factors such as culture and social & emotional learning on equitable approaches to leveraging data.



Ana-Le Cairns, Director, Brand Engagement, McGraw-Hill Education

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