SXSW 2022

Eating is the New Climate Action


Regardless of what you are eating now, it has climate consequences. Consumers are growing more and more aware of the harm our eating patterns and industrial production methods have on our health and planet. While wind turbines, electric cars and solar panels are great ways to fight climate change, altering food habits is an attainable, time-tested solution. Our panel of a food equity advocate, social impact investor, and design creative bring together unique experiences for combatting change.

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  1. The future of the planet with current food habits is not sustainable.
  2. Consumer awareness and consumption is important in driving climate action.
  3. Fighting climate change with your fork can be effective without being complicated.



Shen Tong, Managing Partner, FoodFutureCo

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Climate Change
  • Track 2 Culture
  • Level: Beginner

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