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Community Classrooms: A Radical Learning Model

Communities hold the strength, stories, and spaces to transform oppressive urban education systems: it is time to honor this power. In this session, we will engage with a model of community-centered learning for both students and teachers that redefines the role of the neighborhood and achieves what is possible only when community partnerships transform academic spaces: radically re-imagined urban classrooms that restore all that is possible with student voice, ownership, and empowerment.

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  1. Understand, from a student's view, what’s possible when teachers disrupt systemic student disempowerment through community partnerships
  2. Learn how a radical model of community-centered learning actualizes student ownership in urban classrooms from a community leader's perspective
  3. Engage in a radical teacher training model to shift the power to communities in the classroom and actualize student ownership



Claire Miller, Founder & CEO, Restorative Practices in Action

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