SXSW 2022

The Future of Music Biz Education In Communities


As the business of music grows increasingly more complex and competitive, it will be more vital than ever that community aspiring musicians have access to the knowledge and networks vital to their success. What organizational models exist, how are they funded, and how could policymakers and stakeholders implement or partner with them? How do we assure equality and inclusion in the access to these programs, including for youth? In this panel conversation we will explore those questions and others while discussing established and pilot programs aimed at providing music business knowledge and access to all. We will look ahead at the future of music business education and professional development within communities and the implications to local music ecosystems and economies going forward.

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  1. An understanding of leading edge and potential future models for inclusive music business education that will enhance local music ecosystems
  2. Awareness of existing programs and initiatives advancing education and professional development for musicians of all ages and how they operate
  3. How individuals and organizations can support and advocate for improved music business education and a stronger music economy in their own communities



Storm Gloor, Assoc Professr, University of Colorado Denver

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