SXSW 2022

Why Animators are Ditching DCCs for Game Engines


The animation industry is undergoing a massive paradigm shift thanks to real time technology. Artists today are using game engines and mobile apps to experiment with high quality facial and motion capture straight from their phones – sometimes in the studio, sometimes in the garage – creating content live. Rather than spending hours waiting for files to render using traditional methods, today’s animation and production pioneers are improvising a new process that is inherently collaborative, interactive, and performance-based. Hear first hand from artists who are upending the traditional animation pipeline about how tools originally built for game developers are letting them rethink their craft, with unexpected and exciting implications for storytelling.

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  1. Learn how real time tools unlock more performance-driven animation workflows, driving a more spontaneous, collaborative, and flexible creative process
  2. Learn about how real time tools impact storytelling at every level, from concepting to look development to production
  3. Learn how anyone from solo artists to studios, at any level of animation experience, can jump right in with free game engines, apps, & other resources



Shannon Deoul, Account Supervisor, Raz Public Relations

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