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Why Digital Maps Can Reboot Cultural History

Digital maps dot the landscape of the Internet and our mobile devices. And for the most part, these maps live in a perpetual NOW. But one thing often overlooked in the rush for geo-currency is the amazing ability of maps and their associated location information to tell compelling stories about our shared history.
The panelists, operating in the design, marketing, cultural heritage and not-for-profit sectors, are expert in bringing historic digital geospatial data to bear to create useful contemporary tools and services.
The panelists will share their insight on building contemporary, cutting-edge tools and projects that leverage open source technologies such as Omeka, GeoServer, OpenLayers and many others, while bringing attention to the importance of preserving our digital geographic cultural heritage for the long-term benefit of commerce, entertainment and history.

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  1. What tools are available to help us bring historic maps to life in the digital world?
  2. What are some examples of innovative online projects that demonstrate the beauty and value of historic maps?
  3. How can we preserve contemporary digital mapping information for the long-term?
  4. What kinds of compelling stories can we glean from digital maps?
  5. How can historic maps be integrated in the new paradigm of real-time on-demand location services?



Butch Lazorchak, Digital Archivist, Library of Congress

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