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What Can We Learn From the Unabomber?

Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, continues to write anti-technology essays from prison, and his fans believe he makes some good points about the unforseen consequences of technology in modern society. One of those fans is philosopher David Skrbina, the Unabomber's longtime pen pal, who recently helped publish a book of the Kaczynski's writings. Mr. Skrbina says the violent tech skeptic should be taken seriously for his ideas. In this session, we'll explore whether that's true. Mr. Skrbina will outline the Unabomber's latest thinking, and another philosopher of technology, Peter Ludlow, will offer a counterpoint, in a debate moderated by a journalist who recently wrote a popular article on the topic.

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  1. What is Ted Kaczynski's latest thinking on technology and society?
  2. Is there enough critical analysis of how technology impacts society?
  3. Does the Unabomber's writings offer some valid points?
  4. Is it ethical to take seriously the work of a man who waged a terrorist bombing campaign to bring attention to his ideas?
  5. Is technology making our lives richer or poorer?



Jeffrey Young, Technology Editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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