SXSW 2022

Advertising in Space: How Will We Market on Mars?


Space, man’s final frontier. As goes man, so goes advertising.

Space travel is quickly becoming reality, and in this lifetime we will establish our first Lunar, Martian and Orbital colonies. That means extraterrestrial goods and services, arts and entertainment. With commerce comes marketing, and never shall the two be separate.

Futurist and creative director Rohit Thawani will share ideas on how we can advertise everywhere from space stations to rockets and residential colonies. We’ll discuss how futuristic space technology can be used for advertising today. And most importantly, we’ll also discuss the ethics of cluttering new worlds with ads.

With sound bites and interviews from experts in the space field, this talk is a can’t-miss for anyone interested in space or marketing.

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  1. What does advertising in space look like?
  2. What space tech can we use for marketing today?
  3. How do we ethically introduce advertising into space?



Rohit Thawani, Digital Experiences Creative Director, TBWA Media Arts Lab

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  • Event: SXSW
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