SXSW Interactive 2013

When DIY Diets Go Digital


DIY Diets seem to be all the rage in the online space…what was once information that was shared through word of mouth is now shared with complete strangers online.

From the Cabbage Soup Diet, to the Grapefruit diet and beyond, it seems that anyone can post and share information about an at home weight-loss scheme. But just because the information is readily available doesn’t mean that it’s right or safe.

In this presentation, I’ll review fad diet trends and discuss implications for what the Digital DIY Diet movement means for non-profits, government officials, and brands considering behavioral health programs.

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  1. How were health and diet tips shared before the digital era?
  2. How has the digital space helped to push fad diets forward?
  3. What are the legal and ethical implications of these DIY diets (for example, juicing and cleansing)?
  4. Who, if anyone, should be held responsible for potentially controversial fad diet content?
  5. What overall learning’s can we draw that may be applied to other health and diet behavioral change programs?


  • Jazmin Correa, Strategist, RAPP


Jazmin Correa, Strategist, RAPP

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