SXSW 2022

A Renaissance of Individualism on the Internet


From the internet’s beginnings, we were promised that it would be the great equalizer. Analysts and tech prophets of the early 2000s wrote think pieces about how tech would transform the power dynamics of modern life and erode the hierarchies of society.
But the bright-eyed optimism of the early 2000s has been almost universally replaced by a techno-dread, a feeling that technology is creating more problems than it’s solving.
Out of the turmoil of the last twenty years, new and hopeful possibilities are emerging. Today, we’re seeing the confluence of a few major cultural and technological trends that make us optimistic that the vision of the Internet we had decades ago - creative, quirky, diverse, accessible, democratic - is making a comeback.

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  1. Why the trickle-down of reputation where influence isn’t just for the people in the bylines? How does status accrue based on what you curate?
  2. Unpacking the shift away from ad-funded models towards creator empowerment and the variety of opportunities and risks around this.
  3. How do Web3 technologies fit in and unlock infinite remixability and more granular distributions of value?



Jad Esber, Co-Founder / Fellow, Koodos

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