SXSW 2022

The Future of Fashion in the Metaverse

The metaverse is much more than the natural evolution of the internet: it represents the dematerialization of the world, where individuals can engage real-time with unlimited environments and experiences. It has its own constantly morphing economy, in which an infinite number of assets can be created, sold, traded and invested.
In this ecosystem, what will fashion look like? How will consumers socialize, transact, and trade? How should brands position themselves? This panel will explore new fashion initiatives developed for the metaverse, what's working (and not), and evolving user behaviors, while addressing impact on the sustainability agenda. We'll also discuss the changing worlds of NFTs, gamification, and the role Gen Z plays in driving adoption and innovation.

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  1. Insights into current examples of fashion commerce in the metaverse, including brands and retailers who are innovating here
  2. An understanding of the challenges and opportunities of creating fashion and retail experiences in the metaverse
  3. Insights into consumer and social behaviors in metaverse retailing, especially Gen Z and how they are driving fashion industry reinvention



Debra Langley, Venture Partner, Lyra Ventures

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