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SXSW 2021

Designing the Hyperloop Passenger Experience

Hyperloop technology – and what it enables – is paradigm-shifting, so it follows that the passenger experience should be nothing short of extraordinary. How has Virgin Hyperloop approached this, ensuring that the future hyperloop travel experience is inclusive, immersive, and intuitive? Hear from experts across seemingly disparate industries on how they came together to design an optimistic view of the future: a greener, smoother, safer, and more pleasant mass transit experience, for all.

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  1. How can you ensure accessibility and inclusivity are prioritized in 21st century transport?
  2. How can you future-proof design, such that it seems timeless for years to come?
  3. How do you balance putting human and passenger needs at the forefront of business decisions?



Sarah Lawson, Marketing Manager, Virgin Hyperloop One

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