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SXSW 2021

Escaping the Trust Trap

In the US and around the world, trust in institutions is in decline. What is causing this erosion and how can we reverse the trend? This talk will suggest the source is the widening gap between the way we run our institutions and the evolving needs of the public. Massive, inward-looking institutions have focused on cost reduction, pushing people into standardized roles and offerings to support scalable efficiencies for the institution.
To restore trust, we need a more compelling narrative: one where institutions are driven by scalable learning, organized to understand each person’s unique context and focused on delivering growing value over time. Those who make this journey will gain privileged access to data as they rebuild trust and will reap the rewards of a powerful virtuous cycle.

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  1. Why is trust eroding in our institutions?
  2. How can companies use data about the customer to re-build trust?
  3. What are the significant economic advantages in gaining privileged access to customer data?



John Hagel, Founder, Beyond Our Edge

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