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SXSW 2021

A UK Creative Industries Showcase

The UK is leading the world in defining the CreaTech opportunity – as FinTech is to the Future of Financial Services, so CreaTech is to the Creative Industries. It represents creative breakthroughs in the application of new and emerging technologies, promotes fresh talent, identifies new investment opportunities.
CreaTech is already here in cross-cutting new approaches which push the boundaries of entertainment and it deserves greater recognition within the creative industries and the economy.
Drawing on Exhibitor Companies at SXSW representing UK CreaTech Ones to Watch, UK Creative Industries Council members representing DIT Export and Inward Investment, and the UK Tech Nation Board, this production is designed to make the case for CreaTech and kickstart a global movement.

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  1. Recognise the market opportunity to adopt CreaTech as a category definition to attract investor interest.
  2. Promote cross-industry collaboration in pushing the boundaries where creativity meets technology.
  3. Invite international exchange and co-operation.



Krishna Mistry, Deputy Head Of Live Business Events, Department for International Trade

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