SXSW 2021

The Refoundation of Capitalism


There is currently an exclusive focus on profit that has spawned a multi-faceted crisis that challenges our socio-economic system. Business, as usual, is no longer working, and it is time that we orchestrate a refoundation of business and capitalism. During this session, Hubert intends on sharing the key principles that corporate leadership must embrace to generate the necessary refoundation of business and capitalism around purpose and humanity: pursuing a noble purpose, putting people at the center of a business, embracing all stakeholders (customers, community, & shareholders), and treating profit as an outcome, not the objective. Hubert has seen how this purposeful, human organization approach can unleash the kind of human magic that results in irrational performance.

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  1. How business leaders can abandon the old paradigm of the leader as superhero and learn to lead with purpose and humanity.
  2. What every stakeholder can do to advance the necessary refoundation of business and capitalism around purpose and humanity.
  3. How a company’s noble purpose can align with employees’ individual search for meaning, resulting in human magic that leads to irrational performance.



Amy Weiss, Founder And Ceo, Weiss Public Affairs

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