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SXSW 2021

Health and Our Built Environment After Covid

The reverberations of the Covid crisis are sure to be wide ranging from the way to socialize and work to the very buildings and cities we live in. This panel examine the way experts in a variety of fields - from City government to private enterprise - are thinking about health and the environment we build. It'll explore lessons learned, theories challenged, and the collaborative path towards a healthier relationship between humans and the places they live.

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  1. The Covid-19 reinforced the need to reprioritize a more human focused the way to think about our built environment.
  2. Because building better human environments isn't the job of any one entity.The refocus necessary will need to be applied across a myriad of industries
  3. The lessons from Covid-19 need to be balanced with an environmentally sustainable rethink that was already necessary.



Ted Velie, CEO, Michigan House

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