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SXSW 2021

Piloting Gender Inclusivity in Music

TuneCore has partnered with renowned technology and media analysis firm MIDiA Research to provide a deep dive on the disparity between female-identifying and male-identifying artists within the music industry. The study provides an essential look at the perspectives of female-identifying artists, writers and producers, who candidly shared, "the challenges, experiences and ambitions of women making music in the industry today, with an outlook on what is set to change, and what more can be done to remove barriers and support female music makers.”

This panel will candidly explore why women make up 50% of the world’s population but only 11% of the music industry’s artist population. TuneCore will utilize MIDiA’s research study findings as a catalyst for transparent conversation and to begin to take action steps to shift the dynamic. Distribution and access to DSPs is just one piece of the puzzle. For this panel, we hope to spark a deeper, data-driven conversation about gender inclusivity across the greater music industry. Join us while we break down the study’s findings and dig deep into perspectives from respected industry leaders.

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  1. What challenges are female-identifying artists most commonly faced with and how is an ever-evolving music business working to address and perhaps reconcile them?
  2. How are female-identifying artists connecting with fans and participating in the greater conversation? How are these conversations translating into action?
  3. What does the future look like for female-identifying artists and what next steps can be taken to spark change based on the findings of the research study?



Amy Lombardi, Director, Artist And Partner Relations, TuneCore

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