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SXSW 2021

Unexpected Technology Advances Pushed by Pandemic

The space and technology industries have united in various ways to combat COVID-19: Many space engineers have reoriented their work to more directly associate with the pandemic. For instance, NASA and Virgin Orbit developed a new type of ventilator that can be produced quickly. Artificial intelligence not only is tracking, analyzing, predicting and fighting the threat, but it’s truly come through as telemedicine has surged, prompting some space agencies to expand their satellite network capabilities to support essential infrastructure, remote classrooms and keeping doctors online. Discussion on how the health crisis spurred technologists to improve upon and create new ways of doing business.

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  1. Learn how researchers adjusted their work to collaborate on fighting the pandemic in different.
  2. How Bluedot technology predicted and tracked the pandemic.
  3. Technological advancements created by the pandemic that will have impact long after the virus threat is gone.



Austin Fannin, Events Manager, Texas A&M University

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