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SXSW 2021

Perspectives on Clinical Trial Diversity

Clinical trials provide a critical base of evidence for evaluating the safety and efficacy of a medicine before it is approved for use in the broad patient population. But for decades, clinical trials have remained insufficiently diverse, with both participants and investigators more likely to be white – resulting in a gap in scientific knowledge about how treatments will work for patients of color. This session will explore race-based disparities in healthcare, the barriers diverse patients face to participation in clinical trials and what implications this has on patient outcomes. Speakers from across the biomedical research community will discuss how industry-wide collaboration can address these challenges and help ensure patients of all races and backgrounds receive high quality care.

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  1. Understand the many systemic barriers to greater diversity in clinical trial participants
  2. Identify effective solutions to increase diversity among both clinical trial participants and investigators
  3. Learn the importance of proactive community engagement and trust building efforts to achieve more diverse clinical trials


  • Kathryn (Kate) Owen, Senior Vice President, Global Development Operations, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Aisha Langford, Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health and Co-Director, CTSI Recruitment and Retention Core, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
  • Maya Dusenbery, Journalist, Self


Chris Mittendorf, Corporate Communications Consultant, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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