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SXSW 2021

Data-Led Governance: How Communities Inform Cities

Now more than ever, Americans want responsive governments. And governments are eager to engage their communities to build trust and address issues before they hit a fever pitch. When policymaking is informed by community feedback, the people shape the city they want. But it’s always been hard for leaders to hear from all voices in their communities, even before this pandemic.
Technology can bridge that gap by reaching people where they are, opening new possibilities to do that at scale, and giving leaders the hard data they need to drive smart decisions. That insight helps proactively identify problems, reduce costs, and address inequity. This panel will explore how city leaders across the country are using data technology to power collaboration between government and communities.

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  1. Better data leads to better decisions. Actionable feedback is important but is hard to get in a world where the loudest voices can carry the day.
  2. Harnessing technology correctly can engage communities in new ways and power closer collaboration with leaders, improving outcomes for all.
  3. Every leader wants to build trust. Those who show they listen and care to address real community concerns can improve trust in public institutions.



Ginger Li, Account Executive, BerlinRosen

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