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SXSW 2021

Changing Of the Guard In Sports Media

Sports have changed and the conventional wisdom that applied for decades has been thrown out the window. Overtime has been at the center of this evolution - the emphasis on highlights, the importance of character/athlete-development and storytelling, and need to use the platforms and voice that resonates with the under-35 audience. Are you equipped to navigate the new landscape and beyond? This session with Overtime’s Co-Founder and President, Zack Weiner and a selected brand CMO will dive into the reality of today’s fandom and consumption habits to shed light on what brands need to do to stay relevant with today’s modern sports fans.

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  1. Consumption habits of the under-35 audience and why this data matters
  2. What brands need to do to say relevant to today's modern sports fans
  3. How sports have changed, what does the future look like and how can brands be part of this movement?


  • Zack Weiner, Co-Founder and President, Overtime


Kayla Kaplan, Senior Pr Manager, Overtime

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