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Entrepreneurship Equals Empowerment


Leveling the playing field for entrepreneurship is the single most important thing we can do to build a better economy. We must empower our next generation with the tools they need to create economic independence by bringing together businesses, governments, nonprofits and community orgs to invest in small business and remove barriers for disenfranchised groups. The challenges faced in 2020 highlighted many opportunities to do better, but also gave us hope, as the world rose to support Black entrepreneurs. We must continue to remove obstacles, encourage more aspiring Black entrepreneurs - and other traditionally marginalized communities - to start and scale businesses, and provide them with the technology, educational programs and opportunity to access capital that they need to succeed.

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  1. Why enabling entrepreneurship is paramount for building a better economy
  2. How creating economic opportunity for marginalized communities across the country can lead to greater choice for shoppers everywhere
  3. The importance of creating generational wealth as a means to achieve social justice



Kristen Kmetetz, Senior Vice President, Allison+Partners

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