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SXSW 2021

Drone Delivery is Real. Is the World Ready for It?

Is the world ready for drone delivery? Not only has our experience in communities across three continents told us the answer to that is yes, but we also think the bigger question is what happens to the world if we don't? We need to move toward more sustainable transportation. Drone delivery isn't the only solution, but it could be part of a more intelligent transportation network that takes advantage of delivery trucks and personal vehicles, scooters and emerging autonomous technologies -- and also the sky. Drones have the ability to replace some delivery trips for small items, especially those currently made by passenger vehicles, the bread-and-butter of on-demand delivery. There’s no reason we should be using a 2,000-pound vehicle to transport a half-pound medicine bottle.

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  1. On-demand transportation networks have a large environmental footprint, often having no choice but to sacrifice environmental efficiencies for speed.
  2. Drone delivery is not a one-size-fits all solution, but rather be part of a more intelligent transportation network that takes advantage of the sky.
  3. If our Wing drones delivered a box of pasta to your house, you’d likely use more energy boiling the water than we used flying 10 miles to reach you.



Haley Ehrlich, Associate Marketing Manager, Wing Aviation LLC

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