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Fashion in 3D: Printed Fabrics and Biometrics

3D technologies are evolving at a rapid pace and quickly expanding its uses in the fashion industry. This panel will show how advanced is 3D's reach in manufacturing today - including the ability to print dresses, bikinis, shoes and a variety of metal accessories. Aside from printing, we will all also reveal 3D scanning as a way to use biometrics to design shoes which promise to address all fit problems. We'll set our discussion with super-interactive demos, in which the audience will get the experience the power of 3D.

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  1. How is 3D impacting Fashion design & manufacturing
  2. What are the challenges keeping 3D printing from reaching scale
  3. What are the best new uses of 3D technology in Fashion
  4. What 3D scanning technologies are available to consumers today
  5. What are new trends emerging in 2013



Peter Mauerman, PR Manager, Decoded Fashion

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