SXSW 2021

Making Emotional Connections With Volumetric Video


Video can be one of the most important digital storytelling tools available; what happens when you have 3D holographic video that can be played on any platform or device? How do you tell stories that make strong emotional connections with audiences generally, and does what you play it on matter - whether it's on a 2D touch screen, web, phones or head mounted display? Hear from three seasoned creatives on what stories they found make the strongest emotional connection with audiences and the most effective way to make and retain those connections.

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  1. You can use volumetric videos (or holograms, 3D videos) to tell absorbing and impactful stories that emotionally draw audiences in.
  2. Learn the many facets of why certain stories are the most effective way to make emotional connections and deliver enriching experiences.
  3. To be able to reach out to audiences, creators need to understand where their audiences are and craft experiences that work best for those devices.


  • Jason Waskey, Principal Creative Director, Microsoft
  • Nonny de la Peña, CEO and Founder of Emblematic Group and REACH.LOVE, WSJ Tech Innovator of the Year & Innovation Company of the Year, Emblematic Group
  • Illya Szilak, Writer/Director, Cloudred


Hannah Bianchini, Executive Producer, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios

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