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SXSW 2021

Bridging Cultures through Narratives

As the form of intellectual property creation and consumption changes, as story-tellers we must adapt and proactively utilize curation as a part of authorship of narrative. Especially when curation has now become an AI-algorithm used by streamers. Algorithms seem to feed us what we already like and exclude the narratives of other ideologies from our play-cue – ultimately dividing communities, dividing us. This is one of the greatest problem of our time that can be solved by content creators if the measurement of "Bridging Cultures" is taken into account while developing IPs. Join us as we discuss the way our decisions impact both our work and our audiences, how each of these talented professionals approaches this in their work, and what they hope to see for the future.

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Roy Wol, Founder and Producer, Autonomous Think Tank

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