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How to Regulate a Radical Rethink of Higher Ed

The four-year degree was designed for the first opportunity; today’s learners need options for the next. Employers are increasingly focusing on the skills they need, not necessarily a degree. Breakthrough innovations are emerging: microcredentials, skills-based curriculum, and alternative funding models. But how does traditional higher ed policy intersect with a future in which learning is lifelong? What are the key elements of a new policy framework for investing in human potential?

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  1. Understand the one-size-fits-all path from high school to a four-year degree to a lifelong career in one field isn’t the reality anymore.
  2. Learn how policymakers, institutions, and the private sector can partner to enable lifelong learning.
  3. Learn what policies are needed to build a new workforce development system that is designed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic economy.



Melissa Mitton, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Western Governors University

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