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SXSW 2021

Questioning Personalization is Good For Engagement

Organizations doing good in the world don’t need to leverage tools developed for extraction in order to deliver experiences meant for action. Consent-based calibration is one simple response to the need for organizations to create experiences for their users to feel understood and mutually respected. We know it’s possible, now we just need to do the work of making ideas like these probable.

That’s where consent-based calibration comes in, a new approach to personalization that addresses concerns about data privacy, unwieldy personalization software, and content-dense websites—and delights users at the same time. Join us to understand how you can begin building digital experiences that deliver mutual respect and allow users to maintain agency over their identities in digital.

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  1. Replacing personal experiences with optional personas isn’t just ethical, its' effective.
  2. Massive content management systems should be replaced with lightweight, interactive experiences that rely on browser-side data storage.
  3. Enthusiastic consent is the future of meaningful digital experiences.



Kate Lesniak, Sr Strategist, ThinkShout

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