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SXSW 2021

Music-Powered Community Sustainability Activism

Music has tremendous power to transform, and we can channel this potency to co-create community sustainability and mutual aid projects. Music ignites our creative spark, uplifts our hearts, and connects us with an experience of unity, hope and inspiration. We can channel the dynamic creative activation of music to grow tangible change in the world, starting in our own communities. Join us to learn how- from climate action and local resilience to food supply and pandemic response. Music can serve as a trauma-informed tool of transformation, inviting us into an experience of shared power, 'power with' rather than 'power over'. This dynamic is imperative to the paradigm shift so urgently needed in the world to rapidly transform our systems to be sustainable, equitable and regenerative.

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  1. Why music is a crucial change-making tool to catalyze expedited social change and environmental restoration through community action.
  2. Strategies for co-creation: Growing equitable grassroots projects in diverse communities, catalyzed by music events.
  3. Uniting in music and arising in action: Engaging diverse participation in community projects for positive change, mutual aid and a thriving future.



Lisa Pavati, Founder, Sustainable Living Guide & Eco-conscious Music Alliance, Eco-conscious Music Alliance

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