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SXSW 2021

Navigating the Fragile XR Ecosystem

The current XR landscape is fragmented. Today, there is no standardized way to create, manage and distribute 3D content, with hardware and software providers using different file formats and systems on their respective platforms. This creates a time and money-consuming challenge for makers and marketers who want to deliver XR and AR experiences across all platforms with ease. As these immersive technologies continue to grow and become important tools of the future of media and marketing, this panel discusses the state of affairs and the solutions needed that support the next generation of creators.

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  1. XR is the future for marketing and advertising, but some key issues need fixing before widespread adoption can occur.
  2. XR in marketing and advertising is currently experiencing market fragmentation and a lack of standardization, which is stifling the industry.
  3. By creating a way to optimize, standardize, and update multiple 3D file types to all platforms, brands can save money, time, and resources.


  • Jon Cheney, CEO & co-founder, Seek
  • Sturgis Adams, Chief Creative Officer, Seek
  • Adriana Vecchioli, AR & VR Designer, Velvet Unicorn


Hannah Matthews, Senior Account Executive, Codeword

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