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SXSW 2021

Beating Backlash Against BIPOC Womxn Professionals

With recent pushes for racial equality and insecurity fueled by a global pandemic, struggles for power run rampant, exacerbating workplace discrimination inflicted upon some of the most vulnerable professionals—BIPOC womxn. In this session, four experts will discuss the ways by which companies can create immediate and lasting progress by using information and technology to counter the backlash BIPOC womxn professionals will face in this volatile climate, such as (1) insight on why and how discrimination and unconscious bias against BIPOC womxn manifest in workplaces and remote work spaces, (2) effective strategies for changing workplace dynamics to make them more hospitable to BIPOC womxn, and (3) advancements in technology and digital resources that help retain such valuable talent.

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  1. Why the patriarchy and white supremacy make BIPOC womxn most vulnerable in professional spaces
  2. How intersectionality impacts the unique forms of shade and mistreatment BIPOC womxn experience in workplaces and remote workspaces
  3. Effective technology and resources available to businesses seeking to invest in BIPOC womxn talent by reducing the discrimination and bias



Adrienne Lawrence, Commentator & DEI Consultant, Bantam Impact Inc

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