SXSW 2021

Giving Back is Better Together


The last year has been isolating and difficult, but there’s one thing that’s given many of us a sense of connection: giving back. In particular, the act of giving back together — through giving circles, crowdfunding and community mutual aid efforts — has provided many of us, and women in particular, a sense of belonging and purpose.

Collective giving has grown increasingly popular in recent years, with the number of giving circles tripling over the last decade and the rise of crowdfunding tools like Facebook Fundraisers. The pandemic has shown how this type of collective philanthropy can help us have a greater impact while also bringing us closer together. This panel will bring in research, anecdotes and examples about the power of collective giving — and what the future looks like.

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  1. Research-backed insights about collective giving and crowdfunding, particularly among women.
  2. A deeper understanding of what giving circles are and how the movement is growing.
  3. Examples and best practices of how you can leverage technology to give together and create community.



Ellen Gilcrest, Vice President, McPherson Strategies

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