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SXSW 2021

The Rise of Volumetric Video in PR and Marketing

Leading voices in XR discuss how volumetric video isn’t just for artists or filmmakers, but it’s also an essential tool for PR and Marketing. Volumetric video is a technique where a human performance is filmed from all angles creating a three dimensional (3D) video, allowing the user to view any point of the performance from any angle, and on any platform or device. With the online world of digital experiences becoming three dimensional, the ability to integrate authentic looking holograms into stories, experiences, creative advertising, marketing, promotions, and training, means volumetric videos can bring greater impact and engagement, and will improve audience and customer retention. The world is volumetric, our videos should be as well.

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  1. Learn how adopters use volumetric videos to show visual realism of filmed talent in every industry, including arts, music, sports, retail and fashion.
  2. Volumetric video is the evolution of recorded video: enabling spatial anchors, immersion, presence, positional tracking, gaze retargeting, AR + more.
  3. Volumetric video is the next marketing frontier. 3D media experiences can help reinvigorate business with shows, ads, promos, launches, talks, etc.



Hannah Bianchini, Executive Producer, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios

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