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SXSW 2021

Rethinking Masculinity: Let’s Start Questioning

It is undeniable that many of the challenges we face both at work and in our society at large are rooted in how we define and interpret masculinity. In order to have a holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion, it is critical that we take a fresh look at and question the current state of masculinity. In this panel you will hear three unique perspectives on the topic of masculinity designed to have you question your assumptions and provide you with new perspectives on the traditional constructs of what it means to be a man. This will be followed by a facilitated conversation looking at how we can embrace healthier and more mindful versions of masculinity and generate a big impact on both women and men, and all the others in between.

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  1. Get more equipped to apprehend #metoo conversations and learn small actions you can do as an ally.
  2. Learn how embracing and embodying healthier versions of masculinity can have a positive impact on the world.
  3. Leave this session with the spark you need to ignite conversations about masculinity in your workplace and society as a whole.


  • Craig Forman, Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp
  • Max Masure, Gender Inclusion Strategist / Co-founder, Argo Collective
  • Sami Grisafe, Chief Creative Officer; Retired Quarterback for Women’s U.S. National Tackle Football Team and Chicago Force, Creative Muse
  • Ashanti Branch, Founder and Executive Director, The Ever Forward Club


Craig Forman, Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp

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