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SXSW 2021

Forget Fear: The Tactics Marketers Need Now

For decades, brands have used fear as a motivator – fear quantities would run out, the sale would be over, or you’d be an outcast without a specific product. 2020 introduced a very different, prolonged fear that makes these others seem laughable. Science confirms living with it saps both a person’s attention and decision-making ability.
To succeed in this new era, brands must acknowledge how people will increasingly process their marketing messages – with snap judgements and gut feelings. Understanding how to strategically trigger these instinctive responses will allow businesses to get noticed by their distracted, mentally exhausted targets, and prompt a positive response from them. Discover how brands can tap into the essence of human decision-making. And why they must.

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  1. • See how humans rely on heuristics, decision defaults, and other mental shortcuts to make choices when they’re stressed, afraid, or distracted
  2. Find out why tactics such as Cognitive Fluency, Anchoring, and Eaton-Rosen Phenomenon will mark the messages of successful brands going forward
  3. Gain easy, actionable ways to apply these scientifically proven tactics to your marketing messages whether you’re a startup or a major corporation



Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing

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