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SXSW 2021

Reset America: The New Constitutional Convention

2020 has shown that the issues we need to solve as a nation are bigger than ever—from racial injustice to economic opportunity; from loneliness to technology; crossing mental and physical health. And yet, we're often all too deep in our algorithm-driven echo chambers to actually understand each other—to have a meaningful conversation about the path forward. Carlos Watson, multi-Emmy-winning host of the Carlos Watson Show and CEO of OZY, who has a longstanding reputation of bringing together diverse guests for respectful conversation and debate, will host a special discussion with speakers who are not afraid of bold ways to effect change, in search of new solutions for how to Reset America. You may not agree with them all the time, but the conversation may help you see a new path forward.

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  1. Few of us are 100% right or 100% wrong. Rather than shutting down opinions of those with whom we disagree, we must listen, learn and engage.
  2. Seeking multi-partisan solutions for change doesn't necessitate incrementalism. Consensus can be achieved for bold change in the right circumstances.
  3. Hopefully a surprising solution or two! Should we replace Congress with a parliament? Are baby bonds or a universal basic income viable? Let's talk!


  • Carlos Watson, CEO, Co-Founder, OZY


Kendra Campbell-Milburn, Vp, Marketing, OZY

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