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SXSW 2021

Future Visions: Stand Still, Move Forward

How can we use design and contrarian thinking to overcome historical bias and inter-racial blocks? Always looking at the human and the systems that surround us, what we have neglected to do is to stop, be still, and understand the causes for the problems we are trying to solve. While action seems to be the only true recourse, acting with haste or urgency creates blind spots and often poor decisions. Problem-reaction-solution historically does not bring us to the better place. Human Centered Design and Afro-futurist principles in dialogue can emerge as powerful communication tools applied from within social justice and a new era of automotive — finding an inter-racial voice in the intersection of two progressive women leaders.

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  1. What insights and tools are needed to push the edges of social and racial injustice to make real change?
  2. How do we make a truly authentic “call” on what is most urgent ?
  3. How do we decide between stillness and action, with pause and urgency ?



Kevin O'Malley, President, TechTalk/Studio

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