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Anarchy NXNW: Creating Good in Times of Turmoil

Lost in the narrative about how the region fosters progress, the Pacific NW has long been a cradle for innovation & social change. Now, in a country eager to reunite, pioneering examples of how education advances culture are emerging from the frontlines of the “anarchy”: universities bridging the gap between talent & opportunity; activists supporting increased access to learning & career opportunities; police turning to education to improve training & ensure communities are protected justly.

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  1. Emerging strategies/tech that encourage equity & access AND may be applied to improve outcomes at institutions throughout the higher ed ecosystem
  2. Communicate the personal and societal value of equitable access to educational and career opportunities
  3. Provide case study of a police chief pursuing a master’s in education to ensure his training methods were effective and just



Jake Riddell, Sr. Public Relations Manager, WGU Washington

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