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SXSW 2021

Deepfake Art and the Bright Side of the Dark Web

We all know about the nefarious uses of deepfakes, but what about the brighter side? What if deepfakes actually provide opportunities for creativity, borderless language, or even eternal life? We’re seeing more positive applications of deepfake technology, like Synthesia who deepfaked David Beckham to speak 7 different languages to increase Malaria awareness internationally or Dr. Fakenstein easing internet tensions by placing Nick Offerman in pretty much everything you didn’t know you needed to see but are now glad you did. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In our conversation, Backslash will dive into these opportunities and their impact on entertainment, content creation and advertising as well as what living our lives in tandem with digital doppelgängers might mean for our future

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  1. This panel will discuss media literacy in terms of interrogating deepfakes and their potential impact on trust in media.
  2. We’ll explore the creative economy born of deepfake technology: What if we used deepfake technology to insert ourselves into video games and movies?
  3. We’ll examine the positive uses of deepfakes for brands and discuss a future in which we’re able to translate movies, media, news into any language.



Cecelia Girr, Senior Cultural Strategist, Backslash (Part of TBWA)

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