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SXSW 2021

Commute In The Skies: The Future of Air Mobility

Tired of traffic? A new future of air mobility is quickly approaching that will allow commuters to fly above congestion, taking the time – and stress – out of daily commutes and connecting communities across the country unlike any time in history. With over 300 vehicle concepts designed and a projected market of $120B in the next few years, Urban Air Mobility is set to become a reality in the U.S. within the decade. Join our panel of experts to learn how the future of air travel will change the way our world moves, connects, and explores.

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  1. What will the future of intra/inter-city transportation look like?
  2. How will Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) change the way we connect?
  3. what are cities doing to prepare for UAS?



Karina Perez, Manager, Unmanned and Emerging Aviation Technology, Aerospace Industries Association

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